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What To Pack Check List

Vaccination Records

For the safety and well being of all our guests, basic vaccinations are required for dogs and cats. 

Dogs must present records current for Rabies, Bordetella and Distemperment. Bordetella reduces the likelihood that your pet will contract one of the many varieties of this airborne virus. It must be given at least two weeks proper to your dogs stay in order to provide maximum protection. As this vaccine is a live virus, it may produce a mild case of this virus in some dogs. The Kennel Cough vaccination is not a requirment but it will help prevent your dog from catching or spreading the virus. 

Cats must preset records for FVRCP and Rabies vaccinations. We require that your cat also receive vaccination for feline leukemia or has tested negative for the virus within that past year. 

Medication & Special Needs

If your pet is on medication, we will be happy to administer most medications and treatments. A nominal fee may be charged. Mark all medications with your pet's name, dosage and condition being treated.

Please alert us to any recent illness your pet may have suffered or any special temperament problems we may experience, so that we are equipped to manage any situation which may arise 


We do not require you to provide your own food for your pet's stay but if you would like to you are more than welcome to. Bringing your pet's food from home does help to prevent from any digestion problems that does come from switching your pet back and forth from different brands of food. We feed Nutri-source to any pets who choose to eat our food.

Personal Belongings

We provide comfortable and freshly laundered bedding for your pet's stay, but you are more than welcome to bring their own blankets or beds from home. In some cases pets do experience anxiety and have been known to destroy their beds from home which is why we gladly provide bedding to save you from having to replace your pets bed when you return from your holiday.  We also provide sanitary food and water dishes, but if your pet requires a slow feeder bowl you are more than welcome to bring it. Toys and chews are welcome but we must limit them to two items per stay to avoid mix ups.

We are not responsible for the replacement of lost or destroyed personal items. 

Emergency Contact

In the unlikely event that your pet becomes ill or injured during its stay with us we require an emergency contact. If you are out of the city, province or country we require a contact number for yourself, along with an emergency contact for some one who will in the area.

We reserve the right to seek veterinary care for which you, the owner, will be fully responsible. If we are unable to make arrangements with your veterinarian, we will contact our veterinary service. We will representative in the event of emergency. 

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