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If you have any questions, we encourage you to phone us at 204-725-2019 or contact us by email:

We recommend that you make reservations as early as possible to ensure your pets accommodations.

Holidays and summer/winter vacations are especially busy. A 3 day stay is required for long weekends and holidays. Shorter stays may be accepted but 3 days charges will be applied. 
Also, 48 hours cancelation is required for any cancellations or your scheduled amount will be added to your next stay.

We are open 8-11 am, then closed, then open 4-7pm for drop offs and pick ups. Make sure you come during one of those windows. That is also how our pricing works – each of those windows (8-11 and 4-7) is considered a half day, and you are charged by the collection of half days for your total bill. Once forms are completed, you will received confirmation email, if dates are available, with a total cost based on your dates and times, and pay in advance via e-transfer for that total. Full bookings costs will be paid and any changes to dates will not result in changes of payment. If any extra days or expenses are made to the booking later will be paid at register during pickup. No refunds will be given for any cancelations, for any reasons, at any times. Full costs for original booking dates/times will be paid and no refunds for early pickups. You will pay full cost of your original booking, regardless of later adjustments.
*New Rates starting NOV 1/23 - see FAQ page for details

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