I agree to exercise due and reasonable care and to keep my kennel premises sanitary and property enclosed. The pet is to be fed regularly,and to be housed in clean,safe quarters.

   All pets are boarded, or otherwise cared for by me without liability on my part for loss or damage from disease, death,running away,theft,fire,injury to persons,other pets,or property by said pet,or other unavoidable causes.

If a pet, which is presented for boarding, is found to have fleas and/or ticks, it will be bathed at the owner's expense. The pet is not to be taken off the premises except by the consent of the owner.  If the pet becomes seriously ill, the owner shall be notified at once in case no particular veterinarian has been designated. If the owner does not inform immediately regarding measures to be taken, or if the state of the pet's health reasonably demands quick attention, I shall have the right to call a veterinarian,as designated above or if no veterinarian is designated,to call a veterinarian of my choice or take the pet to said vet; or administer medicine or give other advisable attention,within my discretion and judgment,and such expenses, shall be paid promptly by the owner. If any charges for boarding, grooming, training, medicine, or veterinary services are not paid within ten days after they are due, or if pet is not called for within ten days after time for return of pet,the pet will be sold within ten days after this period by me privately,or otherwise for the best price available. Notice in writing of sale shall be mailed by registered mail to the owner of given here on,of less than ten days before date of such intended sale,and no further notice shall be deemed necessary. Any excess amourges will be given to the owner,any deficiency is deemed to be due and immediately paid by the  previous signings of boarding contracts for other dates and pets will be considered applicable as agreement to terms. It is agreed that liable or slander in any form against Golden Acres Boarding Kennels, its utilities, staff, or related items or articles is subject to legal action. Previous signings of this contract will apply to all stays for all pets of the owner.

I hereby agree to the foregoing as owner of the pet.