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Dog Boarding 

Included In Your Dogs Stay:

  • Their own personal indoor kennel and outdoor run

  • Freshly cleaned bedding

  • Fresh water, changed twice a day

  • Feeding 2x per day or as directed for specific reasons

  • Medication administered (including insulin) as needed and directed

  • We want the dogs outside running and playing as much as possible! (weather permitting, always safety first)
    or times as requested by owners for specific reasons

  • Background music

  • Unlimited cuddles and love

  • We are open 8-11 am, then closed, then open 4-7 pm for drop offs and pickups - each window your pet is here is considered a 1/2 day and you are charged by a collection of all the half days


Our current rate is $20.00 per day per dog, or $27.00 per day for 2 dogs in the same kennel, or $38.00 per day for 3 dogs in the same kennel. The total charges are a collection of 1/2 days. 8:00-11:00am is 1/2 day and 4:00-7:00pm is 1/2 day and your total charge will be a collection of all the 1/2 days your pet is at the kennel.


A minimum stay of 3 days is required for long weekends. Shorter stays may be accepted but 3 day charges will be applied or there will be a $30.00 deposit required for long weekends and holidays.

We reserve the right to refuse boarding for any animals under 1 year old.

Add Ons


Starting at $10 per day


Starting at $15.00


Prices may vary depending on size of dog

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