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Happy HOWLidays!

The December Holiday Season can fill up very quickly and your pets may need to be added to our Cancellation List. We will have cancellations and adjustments, which may allow for more bookings to be accepted, so please fill out a booking form for your pets and we will notify you if we can find boarding for them or if they will need to be added to the wait list. Thanks! To help with your booking plans, please find our holiday hours below:


Dec. 24th 8am to 11am Open -  4-7pm Closed
Dec. 25th Closed for drop offs and pick ups
Dec. 26th 8-11am Closed - 4pm to 7pm Open
Dec. 27th Regular business hours
Dec. 28th Regular business hours
Dec. 29th Regular business hours
Dec. 30th Regular business hours
Dec. 31st 8am to 11am Open4-7pm Closed
Jan. 1st Closed for drop offs and pick ups
Jan. 2nd Regular business hours

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