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Caring for Your Furry Friends

Come for a long stay or just for a day!

Welcome to Golden Acres Boarding Kennels. Situated in a beautiful park like setting on the outskirts of Brandon, Manitoba,

Golden Acres Boarding Kennels offers four acres of first class countryside boarding accommodations for both dogs and cats.

Our Story

Meet the Golden Acres' Staff

What We Do

Boarding, grooming and more!

Open Hours

We are open 7 days a week,

365 days a year!

8-11am or 4-7pm everyday!

(except for December Holiday Season)

If you have any questions, we encourage you to phone us at 204-725-2019
or contact us by email:

We recommend that you make reservations as early as possible to ensure your pet's accommodations. 

Holidays and summer/winter vacations are especially busy. A 3 day stay is required for long weekends and holidays. Shorter stays may be accepted but 3 days charges will be applied.

We are open 8-11 am, then closed, then open 4-7pm for drop offs and pick ups. Make sure you come during one of those windows. That is also how our pricing works – each of those windows (8-11 and 4-7) is considered a half day, and you are charged by the collection of half days for your total bill. There is a 1/2 day charge when pets are dropped off between 4:00-7:00 p.m. or picked up between 8:00-11:00 a.m.

Cancellation/Contact Policies: 

We take a limited number of pets, and when we reach that limit, we begin to turn away booking requests and place pets on a Cancellation List. If we are able to find a spot for your pet you will be notified once we are able to confirm.

If you cancel a reservation more than 48 hours in advance of your pets' intended arrival, there is no charge and we will refund any deposit. If you don’t cancel at all, or less than 48 hours of you scheduled arrival time, and your pet doesn’t come in, we will keep any deposit or your outstanding cancellation fee will be added to your next visit, failure to pay will result in forfeit of your next  stay.  Your cancellation fee is equal to your initial booking amount.

Long Weekends and Holiday Seasons (Spring Break, Winter Holidays, etc) can book up a month in advance and be extremely busy, adjusting your dates is acceptable once your expected stay nears closer, but failure to cancel or failure to make arrangements will result in the expected bill for the stay to be added on to your next visit with us. Failure to cancel not only effects us, but also other people hoping to board their pets.

Long Weekend and Holiday stays require a 3 day minimum, you are able to stay for a shorter time if needed but will be charged for 3 days, no exceptions.

By agreeing to board your pet(s) with Golden Acres Boarding Kennel, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of our boarding contract, signed or unsigned, and all requirements and agreements therein, including slander, liable, misrepresentations in all forms, and veterinarian related expenses and services and other unforeseen costs. And that all information requested and provided is accurate and truthful in regards to the wellbeing of your pets.

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